Karto Cars NFT - First Racetrack in the metaverse - Mint on the 25th of Jan! -


Welcome to the best play 2 earn game

Karto Cars is a new play-to-earn game comprised of 2,500 retro-fitted cars. We bring a convincing alternative to the cookie-cutter PFP NFT projects that have flooded the market. Each NFT minted will make a breath-taking appearance on our tracks. Owning a Karto Car will give holders access to racing tournaments, cash giveaways, exclusive airdrops, and much more to come!


Karto Map

Race on our fully custom designed retrowave styled tracks. Get ready for events where you will want to keep an extra eye out for secrets to find and collect. The better you know the track the better you ride it.
This is the first track the team designed together which kickstarted our creative ideas and brought life to Karto Cars.

Come vibe on our retro wave track. Collect easter eggs for extra prizes, memorize the maps for a greater edge and enjoy the car-loving company of our community. New maps will periodically be revealed as our community grows.

Karto Cars





The Karto Cars NFT were created by a team of amazing people, Entrepreneurs, computer scientists, marketing maniacs, and amazing artists. We will promise to give y’all our best and do what we possibly can to make Karto Cars a success!

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co founder

Ashlyn and Chad



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Where Can I Find My NFTS?

You can find your NFT on OpenSea by connecting your wallet

How Can I Use My NFT?

Your KartoCar NFT unlocks P2E in our free downloadable game, along with many other perks.

Why Did We Choose Cars?

When we first started working on this project we were on OpenSea and all we could see was animal PFPs everywhere, so we wanted to create something different that brings our love of retrowave vibes with it.

When Will Mint Be?

Mint is set to start at 8AM on Wednesday the 25th of January.

Is There A Whitelist for the Presale?

There will be a whitelist of 1000 people per drop, to get more info for the whitelist kindly join our discord.

How Many KartoCars Can I Mint?

In order for us to give everyone a chance to get a KartoCar we will only allow up to 3 Cars to be minted during pre-mint and an unlimited amount during mint!