Meet The Team

Najib Hayek

Hello! My name is Najib and I am a young and motivated entrepreneur. I grew up in Lebanon playing street soccer and learning Arabic and French. After moving to the United States with my family, I settled in Austin. I am in Finance and Marketing. The world of NFT has been a dream of mine and I can't wait to share it with you all.

Matthew Klayme

My name is Matthew Klayme (Seraph) and I am a Software developer and the co-founder of KartoCars! I was born and raised in Texas, USA, but born in Lebanon. I'm a typical guy who loves video games and spend time with family & friends.

Petra Wijnands

Heya! My name is Petra born and raised in The Netherlands, but living in Spain. I am a Sales, Marketing and Customer success manager. Started in the NFT space 2 years ago and fell in love with it! Worked on several successful projects. Some of you might know me already! I love travelling and have set foot in 48 countries already!
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Carl Rasberry

Hello, I graduated from Southern Arkansas University with a Cyber Security and Counter Terrorism, I have been a stock trader for many years now and got super interested in NFTs ever since they first came to be. I have written a huge amount of contracts for other projects and I cant wait to show yall the contract I made for Karto!

Greg Smith(Game Dev)

Hello! I'm the proud owner and primary operator of Alpha Goose Technologies. With over a decade of technical experience and creative study, I built this company to revitalize the artistic soul in an industry that inspired me beyond words. With years of triple-A experience and a lifetime of passion - we're ready to create without boundaries.

Ashlen K Duke

As a lifelong artist and hardcore creative problem-solver, I have grown to love the NFT space! I love what I do and I hope to make the world a better place with my art-skills in any way possible!

Chad R. Ewanic

I have been drawing for a very long time, and love it. My work was once described as "Fine Art with an Illustration bent", and sometimes that feels apt to me. I aspire to draw without limits but attempt to ground myself within drawing fundamentals. I fail often. Happy to be apart of this project.

Daria Ink

Hey! I'm Daria, an NFT artist and NFT community lover. Im here to create a wonderful Web 3 world where everyone can find themselves.

DaKwan Tomlinson

Hello! I am a full-time web developer and avid NFT Collector! I love the outdoors, rugby, and funny enough, I also enjoy spending time learning new technologies and coding on my computer! I am most excited to see the positive impact NFTs can make on our ever-evolving society.

Jørgen G. Frivåg

Hi, my name is Pingu. I started dipping my toes into NFTs back in October, and now these JPEGs are my biggest asset. My hobbies are lifting and discord grinding.